4 Reasons why you’ll look beautiful in your photoshoot   

   When women choose photos from their family photoshoot–they’re literally
   gushing over them! They know they look gorgeous in each one…
   But, before they book their newborn photography session, I’ll often get
   comments like,
   ‘Maybe leave me out of the photoshoot?’
   ‘I’m worried I won’t look good in the pictures…’
   Why do they feel like that?
   Choosing to book a newborn photoshoot is really exciting.
   That teeny-weeny bundle of joy just makes everything so special…
   (‘Cos who doesn’t melt at their curled fingers, puckered lips and mini toes?! )

     There’s also that awesome feeling of being a part of capturing cherished
     Not to mention the sparkle of love all around….
     But for many women, the insecurities they have about their appearance, make
     them uneasy about joining in the photos.
     And this overshadows their anticipation towards the shoot.
     In a society where beauty is associated with unrealistic expectations, many
     women feel self-conscious about their body image. And that’s before the
     Enters the baby, and suddenly she has a different figure and her favourite
     clothes don’t fit.
     I get it. I really do!
     As a mother of 4 deliciously adorable kids, I know that each one of them comes
     along with… (ahem,) flab!
     So let me put your mind at ease.
     You. Will. Look. Gorgeous. On. The. Photos!
     Here’s why…
          1) You look your best when you’re relaxed in the photoshoot
     And this makes it really easy for you to look your best in my studio
     I find that everyone is so at ease in my place.
     Probably ‘cos I’m not the pressurising type. I’m Brazilian – remember?
     So, no stiff-upper-lip-British-attitude from me! It’s chiiiiiilled, all the way…
     So yeah, that really helps!
     But also, I have just about everything you could want or need. So there’s no
     My studio has baby props, accessories and clothes, in a variety of colours and
     styles. You name it, I’ve got it!
     There are also couches for you to relax on… So it’s all set up for you to enjoy!
     And there is no time limit. For real! No.Time.Limit.
     Not the ‘we have half an hour left so you had better smile naturally now!’
     Nuh uh! None of that. I just don’t believe in it!
     We take as long as you and your baby need to relax, unwind, and get those
     amazing shots you were dreaming of.
                2) I’ll help you choose clothes that flatter you
     What should I wear?
     That’s the big question!
     I give loads of advice before the session, helping you decide on your look.
     You’ve got to choose clothes that you feel great in. Many women will come in
     maternity, ‘cos that’s what they feel comfortable in. (It’s hard to relax in an
     outfit that you can’t breathe in!)
     Some women choose to go for the dark, slimming look. And that’s fine! You
     can do that.
     But you don’t need to.
     You can choose bold, bright colours that will make you glow in the photos too.
     Many women book their newborn photo session before they give birth. This is
     actually a fantastic idea as it takes the whole burden off their head in those
     few days post-birth.
     But then, who has the headspace to work out what to wear on a photoshoot
     after birth?
     So here’s a fabulous solution that works well…
     Come along with a mini-suitcase filled with all your best options and we decide
     together. I will also match up the baby’s clothes, so the photos look beautiful
     and seamless.
     And we can take photos in different outfits, creating many looks. The light
     pastel look, the dark flattering look and the bold ‘wow’ look – all in one session!
     With several options and understanding support, every woman poses for the
     camera feeling confident and beautiful
                3) Lights, camera….angle!
      Every professional photographer should know how to guide you through poses
      that highlight your best features.
      You don’t have to worry about the poses at all.
      And of course, I carefully angle the camera to flatter your appearance.
      So, none of those selfie-style photos, where you’re seeing your face from the
      double-chin up…no, no, NO!
      One of my favourite poses is the mother’s face gazing down at her baby.
        Other flattering poses include standing behind your partner or huddling
        together on the floor with the baby.
        I also use lighting to enhance your features and compliment your natural
        appearance. This can be soft natural light for a dreamy portrait, or dramatic
        lighting for a bold and captivating look.
        I take into careful consideration the pose, angle and lighting to make sure you
        look your absolute best! And to capture those gorgeous moments of love and
        bonding in a way you’ll be proud of.
                      4) Then there’s always Photoshop…
         Hello 21st century
         Yes, I will edit your photos to make you look your best.
         But, I approach retouching with care, so that it enhances your photos without
         altering your true appearance. The goal is to celebrate your uniqueness (not to
         conform to unattainable standards of perfection).
         Let’s celebrate this milestone and create heirloom images that you will cherish
         for a lifetime.
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