A rule of the thumb I started with, and still hold onto until this day
Any typical business in any industry starting up needs to think long and hard to create leads from different streams, setting a budget for marketing, advertising, word of mouth, joint ventures, social media, etc… it’s time consuming, and can be draining, but is vital to the survival of any business 
When I entered the photography industry I took a different perspective, instead of coming up with an advertising strategy which would be very time consuming and  costly, I took a more modest approach by first approaching family and friends. 
 Once I had my first client I gave it  my all! I was fully focused on delivering the very best I could with out taking much consideration yet, of how I would get my next client through the door. With this strategy in place I was able to make the client feel most at ease and looked after, in essence what I was doing was creating “wordof mouth” momentum
 As soon as she walked out the door you can imagine what was on her mind and what to  share with friends. That was just the beginning, before she had even received any products or seen her photos, it was all about creating opportunities for me to make my client feel special and cared for in the most Prestigious manner, every opportunity taken up created more exposure and gave more momentum for  “word of mouth”. 
If there is one thing I look back and feel I got it right from the beginning and still practice today its exactly that! Focusing on each client individually, I never tried to be out there to attract the masses of fresh Mums to bring in their little ones, as far as I was concerned its all about quality not quantity when I’m given the opportunity to serve a client I welcome it with a full heart and focus on maximizing this precious little one or this gorgeous family.
Working  with that ethos in mind is in my experience the best way to create leads, there is no better way to bring a client through your door from a “recommend a friend” scheme, think of these ideas, make clients feel special, DO NOT focus on your income! jobs are never done with the same quality if it’s all about the money, it’s got to come from the heart and a love for the work.
Train your mind! Obtaining each client 1 by 1!
Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life….
Let me know an idea you started with and feel you got it right and still hold onto it till today. 😊

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