What Is The Best Age For A Newborn Photo Shoot? | Newcastle Newborn Photographer

  When Is The Best Time To Take Newborn Photos? The most common question I’m asked is – when should i come with my newborn for photos? Perhaps you’d like to book a newborn photo shoot but have no idea how long the official ‘newborn’ stage lasts exactly?! I’m here to help! Some newborn photographers […]


  A rule of the thumb I started with, and still hold onto until this day   Any typical business in any industry starting up needs to think long and hard to create leads from different streams, setting a budget for marketing, advertising, word of mouth, joint ventures, social media, etc… it’s time consuming, and […]

My Story

Hi, I’m Chani from Chani Spiro Photography,   I always wanted to take the time to introduce myself, but as we all know dealing with existing work (and yummy kids!) holds you back on everything else, but eventually we get to learn how to handle everything (a whole separate blog on its own!).   The […]